The Safest Payment Methods To Use While Playing On An Online Casino

“In finding a casino online that has the best payment system that is secure, swift and organised, players can be rest assured that their deposits from different sources are well received and payments are quick and safe“

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starOnline Casinos with the Best Payment Methods

Many players and gamers who play at the Online Casinos do not really worry about choosing the one with the best and the safest payment structure unless they run into an issue. Choosing the best pay online casino is as important as choosing an online casino with the best selection of games or the one with the best bonuses and promotions. In our guide here, we have listed out the best online casinos that have a wide variety of payment options that are safe and provide the fastest processing with a minimal fee. They are also well backed up using the customer support team to help with any issues.

starOnline Casino Payments

Every gamer or player needs to start by depositing a certain amount of money into the casino account and only then is able to claim the bonus (apart from the No Deposit Bonus). This means that ever since a player is on a casino website, they have to use the payment options and therefore means that a casino must have a good and wide variety of payment options that help gamers and players to deposit and withdraw money easily.

At BestCasinoOnline, we have really stretched our wings to find out the best and the most secure online casinos with the fastest deposit and withdrawal systems and the ones that have the most vivid range of payment methods. It is not only about the security and safety of payments but also about the players’ convenience when they try to deposit or cash out.

We found more than 20+ payment methods that are overall supported by the different Online Casinos in NZ and have created the best curated list here that includes the most popular ones such as Paypal casinos, Poli payment casinos, Skrill Casinos, Pay by phone casinos, Google Pay Casinos and Paysafe casinos NZ.

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starWorking of Online Casino Payments

Online Casino Payments work just like an e-wallet. When you join any shopping website, you may create an online account for yourself and shop by adding money to it. Sometimes you even get store credits, cashback and bonus rewards to this e-wallet which helps you shop more on their website. The working of an online casino is similar to this concept. Once you set up your account and link your banking or payment details, you can easily add money (Deposit) to place wagers and claim bonuses and rewards that reflect on your wallet. You can use this virtual money further to place more wagers and earn rewards. Money can be deposited using a wide variety of options such as Bank Transfer from accounts, Wire Transfer, e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller or modern methods such as Instant Pay, Google Pay, Paysafecard or even cryptocurrency.

Your winnings are also reflected in this account and can be cashed out using payment systems such as the ones mentioned below. Some payment methods take longer to reflect than others, such as Netbanking, Wire transfers etc. E-wallets are generally safer.

starDepositing money in an Online Casino

The best fast pay casinos in NZ use a wide variety of deposit options for their online casino customers. Depositing money to your account online is quick and easy and is supported by many payment vendors. Below is a step by step guide to depositing money in an Online Casino:

  • Log into your account and link your payment method in the Cashier section.
  • Enter the amount details and click on deposit here
  • Also, link any bonus codes that you would like to add at this time.
  • Choose a deposit method from the list of many payment methods supported.
  • You are now redirected to a payment merchant interface where you need to fill in details.
  • Once all details are authenticated, the interface redirects to the casino website with your money now added to your casino account.

This is the method that is followed by most kinds of casinos in NZ. Most of the casino payment processing is supported by major payment vendors such as Poli Payment and other global payment vendors.

starWithdrawing Money from an Online Casino

We all love things that pay us back instantly. It is the same for Online casinos – all players and gamers love instant pay casinos that cash out immediately and boost the trust and loyalty amongst players. Here is a quick guide to withdrawing money from an online casino website:

  • Go to the cashier section of your account and click on withdraw.
  • Enter the withdrawal amount while ensuring that it is at least the minimum withdrawal amount
  • Once you are redirected to the payment vendor site, enter the required details for processing
  • Once all the details are authenticated, the payment will be processed and reflected on your account as per the payment method chosen.

Some online gambling payment processing takes less than 2 days (for example, on e-wallets), whereas some take maybe 5 to 7 days for the money to reflect in your bank account. Bank and wire transfers may take this long as it involves multiple parties and authentication at each level. It is to be noted that the UKGC and other authorities allow the casinos to charge a nominal processing fee for multiple withdrawals or for withdrawing below a certain minimum value.

Now that you know about the deposit and withdrawal method, all that is left to do is to choose an Online casino that gives you the safest, fastest and the most number of payment methods supported via the casino. Here is a list of the best Online Casinos in NZ with the fastest withdrawals and quick deposits. We have reviewed all of these casinos individually as well and have highlighted the payment methods and the timelines of payments for each. We have also listed processing fees or any other charges that may be charged by these casinos.

Types of Payment Methods at Online Casinos

There is a multitude of options when it comes to payment methods, as there are about 20 different kinds of payment methods and most casinos support at least half of them. Some casinos may have some unique additional payment methods and others might not. But to know which casinos have what, one must first know the different kinds of payment methods out there that are valid in NZ:


E-wallets provide the easiest and the simplest means to transfer money to and from a casino account. E-wallets are quick, safe and extremely easy to use. The deposits are instant, and the withdrawals are also easy and quick. Only e-wallets provide you with the option to withdraw money that reflects in your account within a day or two.

E-wallets in NZ usually refer to Paypal, Skrill, Neteller etc. E-wallets have multi factor authentication that ensures that your transactions are safe and secure and cannot be done by anyone other than you. E-wallets on online casinos can be used in combination with the same kind of bonuses and rewards that one would avail otherwise on the casino games

VISA and Mastercard

Using Debit and Credit cards has become the norm when it comes to payments not only at a casino but also in other online activities. Visa and MasterCard are the two different kinds of payment methods that are most commonly used and that are safe, encrypted with two-factor authentication and also quick and easy. Visa and Mastercard transactions can be carried out on all casino games and websites without any issue, and the payment timelines are 3 to 5 days at the max.


Paysafecards are a new way to fund accounts in a safe and secure manner. Paysafecards can be purchased for a value from your local retailer and come with a 16 digit pin. These pins can be entered at the time of funding the account, and the value of the Paysafecard is instantly deposited in your account. This is a secure, fast and a reliable manner of using an e-wallet method to fund online casino accounts in Paysafe Casinos NZ.

Pay by phone

Pay by phone option is becoming more and more popular amongst people in NZ as they are so easy and fast and can be used even when a person does not have immediate funds to transfer. Pay by phone casinos are also becoming extremely common in NZ, where a player can transfer a said amount to their account via their phone number and then just add this amount to their phone bill. This is a quick and easy way to fund accounts and is suitable for those who play with smaller values


Just like Skrill casinos and PayPal casinos, another popular type of payment accepted these days is via cryptocurrency. Although this technique is yet to be implemented in many of the traditional casinos, some new fast pay casinos have already adopted this model. Bitcoins are the only cryptos that allow users to maintain wallets for casinos and handle transactions currently, and that too anonymously. This is one of the best factors that people love about bitcoin casinos, where people can enjoy making and receiving payments using their bitcoin account in a discreet manner.

starHow do we Review Online Casino Payment Methods?

Reviewing online casinos when it comes to the various payment methods is important for us as it is for you. We take the safety and security of your money seriously and help you screen the online casinos that are secured, authentic and fast when it comes to funding accounts and cashing out. For this purpose, we have tested out all the online casinos for their payment methods under numerous rigorous tests for their efficiency and credibility. Below are some of the factors by which we have assessed these casinos:


Safety is of utmost importance – be it a small amount or a large amount, knowing that your money is safe when handled through a casino is important. We tested out all the payment methods and eliminated those that had payment failures and no authentication while making payments. All of our qualified casinos are completely encrypted and have multi-factor authentication when it comes to payments

Mobile Payment Compatibility

The mobile casino is a big thing today and most online casinos also provide mobile app versions for their casino games. Payments through mobile apps must be as seamless as the ones over websites and this is exactly what we have tested out in all our online casino reviews. Making payments through mobile must be as safe and fast as using the website version

Additional Charges and Commissions

Some casino websites charge blatantly high prices for currency exchange on other country websites, commissions on transactions and unnecessary fees making the transactions extremely unaffordable for the users. We try to identify all of such casino websites and eliminate those and only highlight those that are fair when it comes to charges or exchange values. This way, we ensure that players and gamers get maximum value when they do any transaction on the casino website.

Bonus and promotions

When it comes to casino websites, some online casinos may have terms as to what payment methods qualify for a bonus and what does not. Some casino websites may not offer their bonuses and promotions for certain mediums of payment, such as through Paysafecard or through PayPal etc. We identify all such nuances and eliminate the casinos that have such biases when it comes to payments and only list the ones that have a fair policy for bonuses and promotions by supporting all methods of payments.

Customer support

Customer support for payments is an absolute necessity. Sometimes transactions may not go through, may fail or may get rejected for a number of reasons. Having an unbiased and honest support team can help customers with such issues and also ensure that technical payment issues are addressed in a cordial and swift manner.

starAdvantages and Disadvantages of Payment methods

There are advantages and disadvantages to all kinds of things and when it comes to the various payment methods, you may find yourself having a list of pros and cons for all types of payment methods. Here are some common advantages and disadvantages of some of the payment methods:

Advantages of using an e-wallet


E-wallets are some of the safest methods to transact money on the internet. They use multi factor authorisation which means that only you as a user can move your money from and to a casino


Online e-wallets such as Skrill, Paypal etc, do not allow the casino to read any of your private information – this is perfect for players and gamers who are very keen about keeping their account and personal information private.


E-wallet deposits are almost instant and cashouts through e-wallets are also faster than any other methods online. Most cashouts are reflected in the account within a day or two.


It is super easy to fund your account or withdraw money to your e-wallet as you do not have to be in your long account numbers or other credentials when using an e-wallet. Even if you end up using a different computer or phone, you can still instantly link your e-wallet at the get-go!

Disadvantages of e-Wallet

Bonus Pullbacks

Some casinos and casino games do not provide bonuses and promotions if the payment is made from e-wallets. We have highlighted such casinos for user information well ahead and many casinos are still working on including e-wallets for all casino games.

Charges on Transactions

Some casinos charge a fee on transactions made from e-wallets especially if the withdrawal is done many times in a month.

FAQs: Payment Methods

1. What do I do if I have foreign currency while playing casino games?

The best method is to use a e-wallet such as Skrill, Paypal or Neteller as it helps in converting and funding your account in a single step process allowing you to use the casino games.

3. Are Credit Cards accepted on Casino websites?

Most casinos do not accept credit cards and the UK Gambling Commission also opposes the use of credit cards on its gambling sites but there are some other casinos that allow the usage of the same.

2. What if my payment does not go through on a casino website?

All failed transactions usually credit back to the user within 24 hours but if your money is still stuck and is not reflecting on either your accounts then you can certainly contact the customer care of the casino and they would gladly help you out!