Top 10 NZ Online Casinos Where You Can Win Real Money

“Oftentimes people wonder if casinos rolling out large chunks of money and jackpot winnings are real or just tales from Hollywood movies. If they are movie myths, we would not have so many casinos and casino players worldwide would we?”

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New Zealand offers a host of amazing activities that both residents and tourists of this place indulge in. Perhaps the one of the most interesting and exciting of them all is the plethora of online casino games that are present in New Zealand that can be enjoyed here. Unlike physical brick and mortar casinos, these online casinos offer a whole range of attractive features and benefits for players online and all of which is from the comfort of your own home.

We at BestCasinoOnline, have reviewed some of the best real money casinos in the NZ that have not only the best real money rewards but come with a selection of benefits such as generous welcome bonuses, promotional offers, free spins, the best and the safest payment methods, a wide variety of game selections etc all where you can play for real money online casino. Have no doubt, these online casinos that pay real money are 100% authentic, licensed and are reliable when it comes to payouts, deposits and providing a legitimate gaming experience. We have listed below the casinos that we found have the best Return to Player percentage, which means that players get good returns when they play regularly online with these casinos.

starThe Best Real Money Casinos

If you are looking for the best real money gambling sites, you have come to the right place! We at BestCasinoOnline have a 20+ year experience in reviewing and listing online casinos helping out millions of players in choosing the best casinos to put their money in. Choosing a casino to play at can be difficult as there are many to choose from and lets be honest, not all of them are great. Some casinos may not have a great track record when it comes to payments, security or privacy of information. So as a gamer or player, you obviously are looking for a great and reliable casino website that can give your money’s worth but also protect your privacy and information.

This is where our casino reviews and listings come in handy – we have compared some of the best real money casino sites that are available in NZ using multiple factors and have even cross referenced them with the usual categories like the best casinos for slot games or the best casinos for roulette etc. This way, you can easily pick the best online slots real money casinos or the best online roulette real money payout casino, if that is what you were searching for.

Simple, convenient and fast! That is the mantra of our casino review website and that is how quickly you can choose the best online casino real money sites for you.

starIdentifying and Listing Real Money Casinos

Here is a list of things that we look for to identify a real money casino:

Payouts and RTO

Apart from the attractive features like bonuses and game varieties offered, when it comes to choosing online gambling sites real money platforms one must be looking at the RTP and the payouts that the sites have offered to their players so far. RTP refers to Return to Players which is a mathematical comparison of how much money a player invests in the casino and how much returns he gets out of them. This number is expressed as a percentage – the higher the percentage the better it is.

We compare the payout ratios and the RTP percentages to analyse which casinos are the best when it comes to offering real money returns to their players. We highlight the casinos that have the best track record of Payouts and RTP returns and focus on the ones that have atleast a minimum of 90% returns on games. This also varies from one game to another amongst table games, slots or arcade games.

Payment Methods

The best real money sites often have the best payment methods as well. A casino that offer good returns and real returns to their customers support a wide variety of payment methods which include traditional as well as new age. Traditional methods include bank and wire transfers. New age methods include e-wallets such as Paypals, Skrill, Neteller etc. Many other methods have evolved over time and are becoming more and more popular when it comes to casino games such as Cryptocurrency, Paysafecards, Boku and Pay by phone methods. These types of methods are quite anonymous and offer complete privacy by not needing any banking details to be entered.


Another important factor that needs to be verified is testimonials and online reputation of the casino. A good casino where players play for real money online casino has good reviews and feedbacks on forums and on various other platforms. Going after these forums and websites one by one is almost impossible for all players and that is why we do this for you. We compare the reviews of a casino in most of the major player forums and online gaming websites and rank the best casinos based on their positive reviews and good feedback from existing players.

starIn-Depth Real Money Casino Reviews

Our In-depth casino reviews are one of the best guides for players who want to know everything about the casino website they plan to invest in. If you like in-depth facts and findings and need the nitty-gritty before the game, then we have everything you are looking for. Our in-depth casino reviews explain everything from the game selections, the bonuses and promotions offered, the payment methods supported, the player feedback and reviews, and so much more.

We also have categories for you to choose from, such as mobile casinos for real money for those who want to play from their phones, or you could choose a category of games, such as play for real money slots online. This way, you can cross-reference and choose the best online casino using our categories and read our in-depth guide to know more.

FAQS: Play for Real Money Casino

1. Do casinos pay real money to their players?

Although it may seem unlikely that casinos roll out such huge volumes of money, it is infact true. Casino and jackpot winnings are sources of income for many people worldwide and casinos do infact pay out real money to their players and gamblers.

2. How should one pick the best casino that pays real money?

Choosing the right casino that is genuine and reliable is important to maximise your chances of getting real returns. You could pick one of our top 10 online casinos that pay real money to its players.

3. How are payments made to and from casinos?

Payment methods of a wide variety are supported in most casino websites. You could use any of the methods ranging from bank transfers, wire transfers, pay by phone options, Paypal accounts, Skrill or Neteller, Boku, Paysafecards or even Cryptocurrency to fund your casino gaming account.