Top 10 Safest Online Casinos NZ

“There is nothing more frustrating than finding your winnings are unretrievable or if your game account is frozen and if you could not transact – hence the need for Safe Online Casinos to play at.”

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starSafe Online Casinos

Online casinos is a market that has been expanding and growing sharply in the last decade and there is a steep rise in the number of people who are looking for online casinos these days and a transcending shift from the traditional casino play format. The conventional Brick and Mortar casinos are obviously still in trend and many people love going to places like Las Vegas and Macau for the thrill of Gambling but serious and long time punters are now making the move to Online casinos as they are easier, more approachable, convenient and frankly has much better offers and rewards.

But there are always as many risks, if not more, attached to anything in this world and the same applies to Online Casinos as well. Safety is one of the primary concerns for punters worldwide and especially in NZ where Kiwis are always looking for a safe online casino to put their money on. It is not only about money but also about the privacy of an individual when it comes to safety online.

This is why we at BestCasinoOnline have taken it upon us to sift the internet and choose the best and the safest Online Casinos that have the most trustworthy website, the most reliable features and the state of the art encryption for all private details (personal info and banking).

starPotential Threats in Online Casinos

Everything in the world is subjected to some or the other risks. It is only safe to assume that everything you see online can easily be accessed by someone else. Hacking is one of the biggest thrills for certain people, and therefore many websites are always subject to risk when it comes to the details of their customers, banking information and many other private data that they hold for their customers.

Even though technology has evolved to an extent that hacking in any form can be prevented, this also acts as a double edged sword enabling the hacking systems as well. Threats online are not only limited to data leak or hacking but also of:

  • Random Spin
  • Potential system crashes which could erase information
  • Server crash
  • Interruption during games causing temporary loss of data
  • Duplicacy of data
  • Banking errors and lapses etc.

All of these issues could potentially affect anyone and the importance of choosing safe casino sites or a safe mobile casino only comes to light when it happens to one’s self.

This is why we at BestCasinoOnline try to prevent players and gamers from such incidents online and promote the idea of playing safely and choosing only the best of lot when it comes to Online Casinos. It would be a stretch if we said all Online Casinos have a great safety and security system in place. Our team has gone through every single website, reviews, feedback and so much more before enlisting the best secure online casinos that have the most trusted systems in place for their websites.

starFeatures of the Best Safe Online Casinos in NZ

When it comes to online casinos, safety is a broad term, and there are plenty of things that players must check out before actually investing their time and money into one of them. Below are some of the features of the best safe online casinos that you should be looking out for:

Information Privacy

All casino websites are legally bound to certain rules and regulations that demand personal information verification of all their customers who play on the website. This means that customers will have to share their names, addresses, phone numbers and even a valid Photo ID before they can start playing online on a casino website. All these details need to be prevented from phishing and hacking from outsiders who may be looking to hack into casino accounts.

Private Photo IDs stored on the website’s server need to be protected from attacks as they are private to the casino players, and such information must be kept safely by the website.

Banking Privacy

Banking is the most important thing on a casino website as most websites tend to store some if not all banking details such as Account numbers, name on card, bank name, card numbers etc. These details can be stored on the website so as to enable a quick pay feature on the website for the convenience of the customer, but it also puts the information at risk. Safe online casino games websites must allow for fully encrypted sites powered by SSL, DSS and other such reliable certificates. These encryptions help in preventing any hacking and loss of data during transactions.

Top Technology Partners

Having a trustworthy, reliable and top-tier technology partner for gaming solutions is one of the best ways to ensure safety and security during gaming. Providers like Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Betsoft, Playtech, NetEnt etc., have extremely good features that prevent data loss during gameplay and unauthorised phishing within websites.

Online Reputation

Online reputation matters a lot when it comes to security and safety. Most people who have had mishappenings or negative experiences tend to post them online to warn others. Having a good reputation online amongst credible players matters a lot, and therefore looking for this before choosing an online casino is important.

starHow to Pick the Safest Online Casinos

We at BestCasinoOnline have created a comprehensive list of online casinos that are safe and secure when it comes to Player details and payment methods. We look at below factors before choosing the safest casinos online for you:

Encrypted Websites

Websites that have encryption with SSL and DSS are one of the best methods to ensure safe card transactions on the website

Wide range of secured payment solutions

A casino website that is safe and secure must offer a wide range of payment options to its players in order to create convenience and enable safety from the customers’ end as well

Credible Online Presence

Having a good track record when it comes to safety with existing players and veteran players is absolutely necessary, as negative reviews spread faster than the positive attributes of a site

Top Tier Technology Platform

Having a software platform that has top-tier technology games that prevent loss of data, server crashes, lags and other such issues which may cause player frustration is equally important

Multi-factor authentication for payments

Payments on the site must be supported with multi-factor authentication so that payments can be made only by the intended party and no one else on their behalf (unless authorised)

Authentication before withdrawal

Authenticating withdrawal using either photo ID proof (which may be done at sign up also), One time password over mobile texts or emails and withdrawals that are directed only to the source of deposits are all some measures that casino websites can take from their end.

FAQs: Safe Online Casinos

1. What does safety in Online casinos refer to?

Safety can be in different forms, such as with transactions, personal information, account information on the casino website, data of gameplays etc., all of which need to be protected online.

2. How can users check for safety in Online Casinos?

Features such as SSL-certified websites, 128-bit encryption in payments, best technological partners with gaming solutions, multi-factor authentication during payments etc

3. What are the potential safety issues in online casinos?

Many users are prone to hacking during payments, account information can be cracked, freezing of accounts on the casinos may happen, and game data can also be phished online.