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“If you are a fan of classic retro slots with minimal graphics and animation, then there is no match to the OG Mr Cashman Slot machine with its pure brilliance in simplicity and convenience.”


21 December 2022
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starMr Cashman

Mr Cashman is one of those classic slots that punters and gamblers loved in the early gaming era. Long before the big video machines came into existence with 50+ play lines, the gaming market was dominated by retro classic gaming slots like Mr Cashman. This simple video slot was introduced by an Australian software provider named Aristocrat Leisure in 2002. Being a native Australian gaming company, Mr Cashman casino immediately became a household name in the Australian and New Zealand gaming market.

The iconic Mr Cashman symbol with the shiny golden penny with a smiling face on it, complete with a hat and white gloves like a dealer in a casino – this symbol has become a mascot for slot games and casino games online worldwide. Players and gamblers worldwide easily associate the Mr Cashman symbol with the slot game, which is one of the best things about the slot’s popularity.

starFeatures of Mr Cashman Casino Slots

Mr Cashman is known for its simplicity in its design and the straight-to-business appeal with its simple symbols and no-nonsense pay lines and reels. Mr Cashman’s slots have 5 reels and 20 pay lines. These can be altered; however, the user wants to keep a few of them active while the others are inactive if that is how they want to play it. The slot is known for its high payout and RTP percentage (92%) – it may not have a progressive jackpot system, but it does have a jackpot that players can win.

The Mr Cashman slot machines have very simple and convenient symbols- 9, 10, J, Q and K, and some random symbols with better values, such as the cat, the dog, a bulldog and a red dynamite. The game has a set coin value of 0.01 and a max of 1.00 with an option to activate one, all or any pay line available.

One of the unique features of this game is the fact that the game does not have any wild symbols, which may compensate for any character/symbol in the pay line. Also, the bonus and respins features are triggered randomly and not by any set appearance of symbols on the pay line – which is how it usually works on other machines. But the random appearance of the Mr Cashman symbol is quite entertaining, asking users to click on specific symbols and guiding them through the bonus and respin options.

Symbols and Multipliers Value offered
9, 10, J, Q, K Coin values
Angry Bulldog, Policeman Dog, Grinning cat, Flying bird etc Special values with multipliers
Red Dynamite Scatter Symbol – Multiplies payouts
Random Spin 3X, 5X and 10X of winning combination
Random Bonus 50,000 credits/999 credits on poker machine

Apart from these features, the machine also has some unique prizes and rewards, such as the Match the Prize offer, where players can get up to 1000 reward credits multiplied by the line bet or 5 to 40 free spins multiplied by 1x to 5x of the line bet. These special and unique features of the Mr Cashman slot machine make playing and betting on this machine worth it.

starMr. Cashman Bonus and Rewards

Although the Mr Cashman slot does not have a progressive jackpot, there are still jackpot prizes, and bonus money prizes that players can win while playing this game. With a high RTP of 92.4% approx, this game is sure to roll out some of the other rewards for those who play for a longer period dedicatedly.

The game also allows you to place an ante bet for 5 additional credits when they want to place max bettings. So when they bet on the pay lines, the total would be 0.2 credit value, and when using the ante bet, it could go to 0.25 bet value. Players enjoy additional bonuses and payouts when using the ante bet feature in the Cashman casino slot.

The updated versions of the Cashman slots have bonus games that are only activated when the ante bet is also placed along with the regular base game.

There are around 4 to 5 additional bonuses on top of the regular multipliers and pay rewards in the game, as mentioned below:

  • Random Spin

Random spins made by the mascot, Mr Cashman, with rewards at 3X, 5X or 10x multiplier

  • Random Bonus

A chance to win up to 50,000 credits multiplied by the line bet

  • Match the Prize

A money bag may appear on the screen, revealing a prize of 1000 units multiplied by the line bet. You could also win 5 to 40 free spins with winning combinations multiplied by 1x to 5x the bet value.

  • Poker Machine

A chance to win 999 credits multiplied by the line bet

starTips to play the Mr. Cashman Slot

To maximise your chances of hitting the reward, below are a few tips as advised by our team of veteran players and experts:

  • Activate all Paylines

There is an option to use just one, all or a few of the pay lines for the Mr Cashman slot, but experts reveal that higher payouts are achieved only when all pay lines are activated

  • Use the additional paylines and Ante Bet

Place an ante bet using the 5 additional pay lines, and this could help in increasing the payouts for the game.

  • Play for longer and with Max bets

Playing the game for longer increases your chances with higher payouts and more rewards – using the game in the max bet setting also improves your payouts and helps in activating more spins, bonuses and other features.

  • Casino Bonus and Spins

Although not all online casinos have Mr Cashman slots, some offer bonus spins and respins on this game as part of their welcome offer.

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FAQs: Cashman Casino Slot

1. Is Mr Cashman available at all casinos?

Mr Cashman is one of the oldest casino slots and may not be available on all online casinos - we have, however, listed the casinos where you could play this game.

2. Does Mr Cashman have a high jackpot reward?

Mr Cashman does not have a progressive jackpot, but it can pay 1000 credits along with a high multiplier of your winning combination, giving out max rewards.

3. Does Mr Cashman provide bonus rewards?

Plenty of bonus rewards can be claimed during the game with the Mr Cashman slot, which is available to the players when they start betting on the play lines.