Major Millions Casino Game Review | Features, Tips, & Tricks

“You would have come across plenty of war and army-based video games in your life, but this slot with a Military theme is a happy-go-lucky game that could potentially make you filthy rich!”


21 December 2022

starMajor Millions

Major Millions is a majorly fun game that gives out major rewards in the form of a Major Jackpot! Funny and curious enough as it sounds, it is completely true! This Military themed video slot will remind you of one of those arcade games you used to play as a kid with its retro graphics, animations and soundtrack. But do not underestimate the rewards and benefits of the game just by how it looks – its simplicity shadows the fact that this slot is a progressive jackpot that can make you win millions of dollars if you hit the jackpot!

Major Millions is a Microgaming presentation from the year 2000 – one of the world’s biggest gaming software giants known for its super fun Progressive Jackpot slot games! There are two versions of this game available on the official website – one is a 3X3 3 reel, 3 pay line version, and the other is the more popular and commonly played 5X3 slot game. This game has 5 reels and 15 separate pay lines and has super cool and fun symbols, which are all army based, such as medals, bomber planes, crates, tanks, an envelope, a major’s cap etc.

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starFeatures of Major Millions Slot

The Major Millions Progressive Jackpot game is one of the many popular games out there in the online casino world. Many casino websites also allow you to play these games online in their slot collection. It is one of the traditional video slots that most gamers and players are aware of, and there would hardly be anyone who would not have played this game in their lifetime. Major Millions is an army-themed slot game, and the whole reel has many different army symbols that make the experience fun and exciting.

To win the major jackpot, the player must place the highest bets and play on all the 15 pay lines – this is one of the hard-written rules of this game, making it one of the hard-hitting games. The 3X3 and the 5X3 games have a jackpot series and contribute to the same pool. So players could choose which version of the game they wanted to play with.

This game is famed for having given out jackpots at least once every 6 months, making a real promise to the players that they really do stand a chance to win the mega jackpot. Perhaps that is why most people love playing this game. The biggest jackpot so far has been well over $1M. Even though the slot has some hard-set rules like the play lines and the higher bets, it is still one game that is sure to cash out.

starSymbols in the Game

The symbols used in this slot game are pretty straightforward and are all army-related such as Gold medals, a Major’s cap, a Tank, a Bomber Aeroplane, a crate of weapons, ammunition etc. Each symbol carries a specific value that can give players X times the value they put at stake. Securing 3 or more symbols in the 3rd, 4th and 5th place can trigger more returns. The coin value is fixed at 0.2, and players can select which pay lines they want to play with. The max play lines, when selected give you a total of 3.00, which is a fairly low amount to play. All 15 lines must be active to trigger the jackpot.

Major Millions is a character that comes on the reels from time to time and is the wild in this game. Triggering the major million can give you rewards; for example – getting 3 major millions can give you 15 coins, and landing 5 can give you 1000 coins! The Scatter symbol is an explosion sign, and this symbol can win you more rewards coupled with the coins that you are already making on the pay line and is X times the stake that you have on.

Major Millions progressive symbols can substitute for other symbols on a pay line and help you win more by 3X times. You also stand to win the biggest prize by landing Major Millions wild symbols in the first 14 pay lines as high as 8000 coins !! Landing the Major Millions wild symbol on specific positions and on the 15th reel can also trigger the massive jackpot prize. So keep an eye out for the Major.

starTips to play to Major Millions Jackpot

Major Millions is famed to have given out their jackpot every once in at least 5 to 6 months, which means all you players really do stand to win a jackpot prize if you play it right. The game is very fair, and since the jackpot is not a very large amount, it is practically achievable, making it more lucrative. The jackpot is triggered by default when the Major Millions Wild symbol comes on in specific positions on the first reel to the last reel in a zigzag manner, and voila! – you may have unlocked the mega jackpot prize, which can be hundreds and thousands of dollars.

The highest jackpot won so far is about $1.8M, but even though the amount is not as high as that, you could still be winning a large chunk of money. Players can easily keep a tab on how much money has accumulated and aim for the jackpot from the live bar displayed on the screen. The game also lets you play it in Expert mode by activating spins a certain number of times as required by the player, which is a great convenience feature. Below are some hacks for you:

  • Place higher bets to unlock your chances of triggering the jackpot
  • Activate all 15 pay lines to trigger the jackpot
  • Play for a long period of time which mostly triggers the jackpot
  • Use the free spins features offered on some casino sites to play longer

Unfortunately, the game does not have any additional bonus or free spin rewards built within the game.

FAQs: Major Millions Casino Game

1. Does Major Millions really shell out millions of dollars in jackpots?

Even if you do not hit the million-dollar jackpot, which you can check on the progress bar as you play, you can still win a few thousand dollars, which is still great!

2. Is the Major Millions slot game available on all Casinos?

Being a retro video slot game, some casinos may not have the Major Millions game, but we do have a list of casinos online that you can check out for this game.

3. Does the game offer free spins?

Unfortunately, the game does not offer free spins or re-spins, but you can certainly avail free spins from casino websites that may provide this in their welcome offer.