Mega Fortune Casino Game Review | Features, Tips, & Tricks

“When you are playing a slot game that has Rolex watches, Limousines, Yachts and wads of cash, it’s hard not to imagine yourself as a millionaire – Wait! But what if you can really become one?”


21 December 2022
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starMega Fortune Slot

Mega Fortune is a slot game that is available to play online and is powered by the supreme technology provider NetEnt. If you are someone who loves the NetEnt slot games like Starbursts and Gonzo’s Quest, there is no doubt that you would like Mega Fortune! The software provider has left no stone unturned in providing a glimpse of your millionaire lifestyle if you hit the jackpot. The slot has extensive graphics and videos with amazing bling symbols that translate to a rich and glorious story of your journey to riches.

Mega Fortune Slot is known for its progressive jackpot option, which is the headliner of this show. The slot has some of the best cash rewards and a bumper jackpot prize that goes well over $1.3M. In fact, it does hold the record for giving out one of the largest jackpots in the history of Jackpot slots. Mega Fortune is a simple game with a super cool UI, plenty of great features and a fair chance to win jackpot prizes, bonuses and free spins.

starFeatures of Mega Fortune Slot

The Mega Fortune casino game is one of the most popular progressive jackpot games out there and is one of the highlight NetEnt jackpot slots on the internet. Mega fortune has 5 lines and 3 reels and has a fixed payline of 25. The symbols that are used on this machine range from a wide variety of luxury items such as bling watches, wads of cash, yachts, limousines, champagne bottles etc.

The bets are placed between 0.1 coin value up until 1 coin value. The rate of the coin value differs from one country to another but should be roughly 0.25 to 50 per spin. You can adjust the coin value and the final pay value is altered accordingly to give you an idea of how much you would win. The spins can be automated on this amazing slot machine or you could also use the fast spin mode.

To play the game more efficiently, one must familiarise themselves with the symbols and their functions:

  • There are symbols such as Limos which are 40x your winning amount
  • Symbols such as Yachts are larger and can give you 400x your winnings
  • Yacht can also be used as a wild symbol and landing just 2 symbols of any other kind along with the Yacht can give you a great chance to win higher value rewards
  • The special feature about Mega Fortune is that even if you get 2 similar types of symbols, you still get some winnings or reward which is unique to Mega fortune online casino game
  • The smaller symbols such as watch or wads of cash or jewellery usually amount to 3X times your winnings
  • Champagne bottles in 3rd, 4th and 5th place can trigger bonus spins and give you 3x, 10x and 100x your winning consecutively.
  • The extra spin also comes with multiplier factor which can be unveiled when you click on the triggering symbol – 10 extra games and 5X being the highest value

starMega Fortune Jackpot

Punters and gamers who play Mega fortune know they have the biggest jackpot structure. Mega Fortune holds the record of giving out the highest jackpot at a whopping $17.9M back in 2012 to a lucky player. They have a mega jackpot prize but also 2 other prizes – the Major Jackpot and the Rapid Jackpot. The winnings at max in these are 500,000 at value and can be unveiled when 5 yachts are lined up in the slot machine at once. Apart from the jackpot, you could also stand to win 10000X times the stake you put in place, which is a great return if you ask us.

To reach the Mega Fortune Jackpot, which is called the Wheel of Fortune, the players must be able to unlock the free spins round using the scatter symbol, which is the champagne bottle, in this game. There are 3 levels of the spins that one must go through, the second one leading to the third and final spin, which could bring home the mega jackpot. The Jackpot amount is usually set to $1M and rises from that as a percentage as and when players place their stakes in the pot.

The RTP of this game is pretty high compared to other jackpot slots at 96%, which meas that for every $100, about $96 are rolled out as rewards (on average). This is a pretty good number if you ask us and gives a good sound of the cha-ching cash machine for most of you lucky players!

starTips to Play Mega Fortune Casino Game

By now, you must be convinced of the fact that Mega Fortune is, in fact, a great slot machine and helps players to win good money when you play dedicatedly. With a high RTP and a track record of rolling out good cash prizes to its players, Mega Fortune is worth all the hype, and players can definitely check this slot machine out when playing next.

Mega Fortune is available in most of the online casinos that you can find in NZ, and this could directly indicate its popularity amongst kiwis and players worldwide. Below are some of the best ways you could play this game in NZ:

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Online Casino Bonus Offers

Many casinos do give out bonus offers such as free spins and bonus spins on their slot games. Even though there are only a few who may give out spins for a progressive slot, you can find the ones that do in our comprehensive guide of online casinos linked here.

Play More, Bet More, Win More

Most slots function with this one thumb rule, playing with higher bets and playing for longer time automatically improves your chances of winning. This is a tried and tested formula good on papers and most times works in reality too. Players can improve their odds by playing better and higher on this slot to improve their chance to land all 3 wheels and eventually hit the mega jackpot prize!