Starbursts Casino Game Review | Features, Tips, & Tricks

“A game that takes you to the galaxy with shining gems and beautiful twinkling stars is a great way to spend your time – but it’s so much more amazing when it can make you rich too!”


21 December 2022
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Starbursts Slot

Starbursts Slot is a game that is one of the most popular games in this decade ever since its launch in 2012. Although not the oldest game in the history of slots, it is still one of the most popular games, and we will tell you all about why this game is so popular as you read on. This game is brought to the world of slot games by NetEnt, one of the leading casino game providers in the world, and the most impressive thing about this game is its simplicity and low volatility.

Starbursts online casino game follows the simple principles of the original classic slots by using very close-to-home symbols and values. The symbols are all simple coloured gems, and each gem has a certain value. The game is super customisable regarding the value of bets placed and can give you returns as high as 5000x your bet value.

Another awesome fact why this game is so popular is its high RTP (Return to Player), which is the percentage of value the player gets when they invest a certain amount in the game. Most games in the casino industry have an average of 90%, and most slots have around 95% RTP, but the Starbursts slots have a fabulous 96.09% RTP which is pretty great, keeping in mind the other games and their RTPs. This roughly translates to paying out $96.09 for every $100 that players put into it.

starburst slots game

starStarbursts Features

Starbursts are a simple and easy-to-play slot with 5 reels and 3 rows. The game has a fixed 10 pay lines and can pay up in both directions – left to right (which is the standard in most slot games) and right to left. This is one of the best features of this game, as players can match the symbols and get paid up in both cases. This may be why the game has such a high RTP.

Starbursts casino game uses very common and easy-to-play symbols such as gems of different colours, and each colour has its value. The biggest symbols that come in between are gold bars and the number 7. The gold bar has the highest pay with 250x times your stake (when you get 5 of these together). Then comes the number 7, which can pay as high as 120x your stake.

The jewel-themed game is super easy to play, and the values are all very easy to translate as well. Players can easily set the bet level between 1 and 1, and the coin values can vary between 0.01 to 1. The total stake value can then be between 10 and 100 – all of which is easy to handle and set even by someone who has never played the game. The UI is pretty simple, and the features include bejewelled theme reels with amazing celestial sound effects.

The bright shining star effect that is almost divine and blinding is the expanding wilds. The expanding wilds is a star symbol with 8 points, all in different colours, and when this appears on the screen, it can substitute for any of the winning jewel symbols so that you can multiply your stake and earn higher rewards. The wild is also expanding, which is great as it triggers re-spins in the game. The expanding wild will give you multiple respins if they happen to land again – 3 times at max.

starValues of the Symbols

Symbols Value
Shining Bright Star Expanding Wild Triggering Respin
Gold Bar 50X for 3, 200X for 4 and 250X for 5
7 25X for 3, 60X for 4, 120X for 5
Yellow Gem 10X for 3, 25X for 4, 60X for 5
Green Gem 8X for 3, 20X for 4, 50X for 5
Red Gem 7X for 3, 15X for 4, 40X for 5
Blue Gem 5X for 3, 10X for 4, 25X for 5
Purple Gem 5X for 3, 10X for 4, 25X for 5

starTips to Trigger Max Returns on Starburst Slot Machine

Starbursts slot, unlike other games, does not have a Mega Jackpot or any kind of progressive jackpots. Nor does the game offer Free Rewards or Bonus Spins. But Starbursts is still known to be one of those slots that pay up much better than other slot machines. The reason for this can be attributed to:

  • Low Volatility Slot
  • High RTP Rate
  • Two way paylines
  • Respins that are offered using Wilds
  • Bet values are quite fair and wide ranging

These are some of the reasons why Starbursts online slot still has a higher payout than the rest of the slot games. Even without jackpots or bonus rewards, players can trigger max winnings with the super easy and fun game. Below are some of the tips that we found that could be useful for you:

Best Higher Values

Set the coin value to slightly high as close to 1 as possible which can help in landing more expanding wilds than when you play with lower bets. Even though this is only a practical trick, your chances of landing a respin 3X times is higher this way.

Playing for Longer

Most players swear by this one technique – playing for longer durations on a slot helps in triggering maximum rewards from the system. Play in the background whenever you can and this way you can increase your chances of better and bigger payouts

Use the Demo Mode

The demo mode is a great way to test and try the game so that you can familiarise yourself before actually betting any real money on the game. This helps in covering any loss and maximising your returns

Casino Bonus

Although Starbursts online casinos does not give any exclusive bonus or free spins, some casinos give free spins and bonus rewards on Starbursts from their end such as Royal Panda that offers free spins to their players at the time of sign up. Many other casinos may also offer such prizes

Starbursts Casino Game FAQ

1. Is Starburst slot a jackpot game?

No. Starburst does not have any jackpot but it is quite popular because it can provide players with 5000X times their stake value which is why you should definitely try this game

2. Does Starburst come in a mobile version?

Starburst comes in a mobile optimised gaming platform and that is why its super easy to play this game from your mobile phone as well.

3. Are there any free spins in Starbursts?

The game may not provide free spins in the welcome offer but it does have 3X times respins when you trigger expanding wilds which is similar to having free spins.